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"A trimaran that'll take your breath away"

Phillippe Eechelle on Libertist 853, Multihulls World magazine

The freedom of sailing at its best.

Libertist stands for freedom, fastness and fun – the pure essence of sailing. It represents the ultimate quality of craft production and innovative materials. An ultralight carbon rotating mast equipped with mini foils and cutting-edge electronic solutions have been created to satisfy the needs of the most demanding sailing fans who truly cherish the sport.

Libertist redefines the feeling of liberty.

Why Libertist?

Top quality materials, innovations and craft precision

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Erik Lerouge, water and wind architect

An experienced sailor who often participates in regatta races, a devoted sailing fan with vast expertise, and impressive experience in yacht design

No matter whether he sails downwind or upwind, his designs always go against the current. They are characterized by an innovative approach towards applied solutions, excellent quality of the materials used, and ultimate precision and robustness confirmed by rigorous testing. He designs for highly demanding customers – the sailing fans in search of the new definition of freedom. Due to Lerouge’s professionalism and passion, his projects have been acknowledged around the world for decades. His portfolio features many monohulls, double-hulls and trimarans. In 2016 he cooperated with a Polish investor to create dedicated hydrofoil trimarans.

„When creating Libertist 853 I was given full freedom to improve the ever-problematic compromise between comfort and nautical qualities that I am so attached to.
The 28 feet size has been chosen to fit a sizable saloon, a bow cabin, a double cockpit bunk bed, a galley and a separate toilet, while ensuring spaciousness and full standing height.
It was also crucial that floats and beams were easy to disassemble for comfortable transport. The idea to add extra mini foils has been in my head for a while. The efficiency of foils has been systematically increasing, yet some new solutions are still required. The goal is not to fly, of course, it is rather to increase the security and control the pitching in greater speed. The yacht has been beautifully constructed by Rega Yacht. The design is timeless. The tests have confirmed our expectations on maintaining control while sailing downwind and reducing pitching in tougher weather conditions.”